Online Moisture Monitoring System – HUMY3000

Moisture measurement has always been an important process parameter. Traditionally this has been carried out using the conventional laboratory analysis of a manual sample. Not only is this an expensive and time consuming process but the time taken to provide the result means that the information is only of historical value.

During the time interval between taking the sample and reporting the result, operational conditions may have changed so that the reported result is no longer valid to the changed conditions.
The HUMY3000 now allows the accurate measurement of moisture in real-time. This ready availability of moisture information allows proactive process control actions.

The Measurement procedure makes a short and simple calibration including a high precision better than 0.1% possible. The measuring probe transmits the data digitally. This makes the measurement insensitive to drift and allows a distance the sensor to the controller up to 1000m.

Online Moisture Monitoring Meter