Flow / No Flow Sensors (LA 206)

Flow problems in critical process material results in decreased productivity, plant downtime, lost or out-of-spec product, poor quality control, and extra labor, creating an unnecessary financial burden, even for the slightest incident. The Greenbank Energy Solutions, Inc.’s Flow / No-flow sensor provides a simple and economic means of actively monitoring material flow in pipes, chutes and feeders.

As material flows, acoustic vibrations are generated due to the impact and friction of the material with itself, the walls of the transport medium, and the Flow / No-Flow sensor probe. These vibrations are transformed by the piezoelectric element into an electrical signal proportional to the amount of material flow. In the event that material flow is interrupted, a relay closure signals an alarm to the operator.

The sensor probe is made of stainless steel to ensure a long life and incorporates an anti-vibration mounting system. The sensor electronics is protected to IP65 specifications to provide worry-free operation in harsh environments. Two
adjustments (a baseline no-flow setting and a sensor sensitivity setting) are provided to allow the user to customize the sensor to their particular operating parameters. The modular design allows the probe and electronics sections to be disconnected from each other enabling the removal of the electronics section without having to remove the sensor probe from the material flow. It also permits systems to be designed with an unlimited number of sensors.

LA 206 Wiring Diagram