Greenbank Energy Solutions, Inc. – FilterGuard

Particulate monitor for baghouse filter failures:

  • Broken Bag Detector
  • Filter Monitor
  • Dust Measurement


The dust monitor is used for the detection of filter (hose, cloth, fabric filters) malfunction e.g. broken bag or gross failure..
Greenbank FilterGuard The FilterGuard technolo-gy is based on a modified triboelectric principle detecting particles interacting with the sensing rod and such particles just passing the rod. Build up on the 0nly moving particles generate a flow rate proportional signal which is monitored by the electronics.

Three electronics versions are available with analog (FG20), relay (FG01) or transistor (FG02) output. Adaptation is done under normal conditions by switches and potentiometer, FilterGuard’s alarm level (FG01, FG02) can be set above this background. Signal averaging is selectable by the user. The sensor length should be 1/3 to 2/3 of the duct diameter, 800mm maximum.
Installation is done on the clean gas side downstream the filter at a metal duct by welding on of a thread bush boring through the duct wall and screwing in FilterGuard. Upstream and downstream the sensor at least three duct diameters should be straight without any fittings like valves or dampers. Commissioning is simple and requires no tools or specialized equipment.

Baghouse Detector FlowSwitch 700E – Brochure